Gold-Blend Cord for Cross


Sartorial cord for cross in rayon, hand-made with tinsel and garnets. Available in combinations of colors such as gold/green, gold/scarlet, gold/avio blue, gold/black, gold/crimson, and gold/purple. Other combinations can be realized upon request. Made in Italy.

Gold-CrimsonGold-CrimsonGold/Avio BlueGold/Avio BlueGold/BlackGold/BlackGold/GreenGold/GreenGold/PurpleGold/PurpleGold/ScarletGold/ScarletGold/WhiteGold/White

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Canetille, Rayon

Colors Combination

Gold-Crimson, Gold/Avio Blue, Gold/Black, Gold/Green, Gold/Purple, Gold/Scarlet, Gold/White